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Heading to the pool or lake? Take our advice – and grab a shot.

Submitted by The Lifestyle Spa at Eppley Plastic Surgery on July 13, 2016 - 7:10 pm

Glass, that is.1 ounce of SPF is recommended by The Lifestyle Spa

The fact is, most people don’t use nearly enough sunscreen during those sunny days spent lounging by the water.

We’re here to share our favorite ‘cheat’ to make sure you’ve covered your – ahem – self…when it comes to sun protection.  It’s not uncommon for us to hear ‘But I put my sunscreen on, I swear!’ when our favorite guests arrive for their treatments sporting shoulders the color of an overcooked lobster.   We can also spot the telltale beet-red thighs on those of you who’ve spent the weekend in your favorite sling chair on the sidelines of the soccer field.   Just like Truvy Jones, we can ‘spot a bottle job at twenty paces’.   Spray-on sunscreen is a horrible invention.  You think you’ve done your due diligence and surely SPF 50 is enough, right?  Wrong.  Spray-on sunscreen is an invitation to under-apply.  Make your life easier, and your skin happier – grab a shot glass.

To get the amount of protection listed on the bottle, a top-to-bottom application of sunscreen requires about one ounce of product, and a shot glass is the perfect measure for this purpose.  So squeeze out a shot, and slather yourself up.  Don’t skimp.  Plan to reapply it every four hours if your spending time in the pool or at the beach, so a four ounce bottle might last a day.  If you’re still clinging to a bottle that’s been bumping around in your beach bag for the last two years,  toss it.  The chemical components in sunscreen break down over time and render it less effective.  It’s better to find a brand you like (texture, scent, price) and buy smaller bottles that you’ll use up rather than splurge on luxury brand that you’ll treat like gold in a bottle and under-apply.

woman with suntan lotion at the beach in form of the sun. Beautiful white sand beach in Thailand.

Send in the clouds.

The vast majority of the sun damage you’ll get over the course of your lifetime occurs on a daily basis- the incidental exposure you get when you walk to your car, the mailbox or the dog.  Even on cloudy days, you’re absorbing UV rays – and incurring damage to your gorgeous, glowing complexion.  That damage won’t be visible immediately, like a burn might, but will rear its ugly head and appear as brown spots or patches and fine lines down the road.   Find an SPF 30 product that you like and marry yourself to the routine of applying it daily – rain, shine, summer or winter, hairline to collarbone.  It’s vital that you like the product – the way it feels, smells, and appears on your skin.  We carry no fewer than ten SPF products spanning a wide diversity of price points that are ideal for the face and neck.  These products generally combine some form of advanced anti-aging treatment with the SPF protection, offering you benefits that go beyond the sun protection factor.  If you’re going to splurge on one single product for your routine, it should always be your SPF product.  The more you like it and the way it makes your skin look and feel, the more likely you’ll automatically apply it every morning.  Consider this; if you had an identical twin and one of you used an SPF every single morning, which of you will have the better skin at age sixty?


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