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Botox Cosmetic and Facial Fillers in Indianapolis

Botox Cosmetic

Frown lines and crow’s feet? Nevermore!

Botox Cosmetic® is the number one cosmetic treatment for fine lines and dynamic wrinkles…why?

It simply WORKS.

At Eppley Lifestyle Spa, you have the option of two levels of treatment for Botox Cosmetic®. Whether you choose to have your treatment provided by our Registered Nurse, or by our Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Barry Eppley, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a private, in-depth consultation prior to receiving treatment and the highest standards of safety and efficacy. We maintain your privacy and have appointments available Monday – Saturday for your convenience.

Are you a Brilliant Distinctions member? Allergan offers a great rebate and savings program for your Botox Cosmetic®, Juvaderm, and Latisse purchases. Make sure you provide your number to receive credit for your treatments and purchases at the Eppley Lifestyle Spa. We also accept Brilliant Distinctions rebates – giving you even better discounts throughout the year.

Facial Fillers

While often confused with Botox injections, injectable facial fillers are used to plump up or fill facial lines, folds and depressions. At the Eppley Lifestyle Spa in Indianapolis, facial fillers are largely used for lip augmentation, reduction of nasolabial folds (cheek-lip grooves) or for facial volume enhancement of the submalar and cheek areas.

The results of a facial filler injection are generally immediate, and the injection technique is critical to ensuring success. Dr. Barry Eppley, Indianapolis board-certified plastic surgeon and Medical Director of the Eppley Lifestyle Spa, performs these treatments exclusively. Knowing how and where they should be placed, and how to do so with minimal discomfort, requires considerable experience in plastic surgery of the face.

Currently, there are ten commercially available injectable fillers from which to choose. While all types of facial fillers have a plumping effect, they differ by their chemistries, how long they last, which should be used for certain areas of the face and cost. Dr. Eppley has considerable experience with all facial fillers on the market and decides with you as to which suits your needs the best.

Since no injectable filler is ideal for every patient or type of facial concern, Dr. Eppley will often work with two or three different fillers to custom treat each facial problem. Facial fillers are often done in combination with Botox® injections and skin treatments (microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing) to achieve a more profound facial rejuvenation effect.

To learn more about facial fillers at Eppley Lifestyle Spa in Indianapolis, go to or contact a Guest Services Coordinator to reserve your appointment with Dr. Eppley.