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My View: Shannon Frederick LMT

Submitted by Eppley Lifestyle Spa on October 19, 2011 - 4:51 pm

She’s our Tui Na queen – and notorious for digging deep when it comes to our weekly Massages!  Shannon Frederick shares some insight about her background and what Massage Therapy can do for you… 

 Why I became a Massage Therapist:

I always had a fascination with bodywork, but never found the opportunity to study it until I moved to Northern California.  It was like being a kid in a candy store….so many really amazing people to learn from and to study with – I just had to explore the field. Through that exploration, I discovered that I had a knack for it, and here I am almost 12 years later doing what I love. 

My favorite form of Massage / Bodywork is…

I love all types of bodywork.  I tend to stay away from “energy” type work.  Not that it’s not ‘real’; it’s just not my thing.  I like to explore muscles and how they move.  I really love deep work and Tui Na, of course. 

Tui Na is an Asian form of bodywork that resembles what most people are familiar with as ‘Swedish’ massage work.  Its intent is more therapeutic than relaxing, and allows me to focus on many ‘chronic pain’ types of issues.  It’s particularly great for the back, neck and shoulders – and can even help with issues like insomnia, constipation, headaches (even migraines) and the chronic tension associated with high levels of stress.  I am really lucky to be one of very few Tui Na practitioners in Indiana, and my guests come back to me because of it.

What is the public’s biggest misconception about Massage Therapy?

First, that it’s only something the privileged and ‘wealthy’ enjoy!  Massage Therapy is one of the most basic forms of caring for yourself, and my guests come from a very diverse variety of backgrounds… from retirees to factory workers to high-level executives.

Secondly- of course -there is NO “happy ending” during a bodywork treatment!  It’s nearly 2012 people, time to wake up and embrace the benefits of bodywork, it’s not about sex!  If you’re ever unsure about a therapist, ask to see their credentials and license.  Indiana finally came around a few years ago and required all ‘Professional’ Massage Therapists to hold state licensure.

Best health benefits I have witnessed with regular massage therapy:

I have seen so many over the years.  Sure, I see people who used to have shoulder impingement’s or hip problems start to be able to move, or relief from Carpal Tunnel, but what I have found to be the biggest health benefit to receiving regular massage is that people become aware of their bodies.  They start to make a mind body connection and realize that you don’t always need surgery or drugs to “fix” things.  Sometimes we just need to become aware of ourselves and start connecting to our bodies. 

My favorite Spa product is?

Aveda Blue Oil  [Aveda’s stress-relieving blue oil helps dissolve tension and raise energy levels with the balancing aromas of refreshing peppermint and soothing blue chamomile.]

What are the best things a guest can do to get the most benefit from massage?

Breathe during your massage- nice big belly breaths.  It helps you relax and ‘let go’ – which helps me get deeper into the muscle.

Water, water, water, water after your massage… (You may want a glass of wine, but it’s not the best choice – there’s that ‘body awareness’ again!)

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