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Chemical Peels in Indianapolis

Chemical peeling has long been a favorite method to restore the skin, combat acne, and make good skin GREAT.

As versatile as the peels of today have become, we’re not only able to give corrective treatment – but also to deliver glowing, suppler skin almost instantly.

From the mildest enzymes to more aggressive intensity peels, Eppley Lifestyle Spa offers a broad-spectrum of therapies for almost any skin type.

Level I

Superficial skin peeling is designed to remove epidermal layers of skin using an appropriated acid solution. This type of peeling is used to help “dry out” active acne, reduces shallow wrinkling and scarring, and in some cases lighten hyperpigmented areas (dark patches), and to overall improve the appearance and health of sun damaged and aged skin.

Generally, there is a period of dryness or ‘flakiness’ following a Level I peel from 1-3 days. Level I peels are easily tolerated and most people say they feel an ‘itching’ sensation more than anything.

Do your part -the outcome of peels rests on your shoulders to some degree. No picking, scratching, or pulling at any loose skin. And absolutely NO sun exposure without protection.

Insider tip: The Oxy Peel is the most requested ‘special occasion’ peel which can be done a few days before a big event – and produces an unbelievable glow.

30 Minutes | Starting at 150.00 | Starting at 400.00 Series of 5 Treatments

Level II

A Level II Peel is a super-charged version of a Level I Peel. By changing the type of solution used, a deeper peel is achieved – which produces more advanced results.

Level II Peels will feel tingly to moderately hot for a few minutes, and will leave the skin looking red for a few days – much like you might look during a rigorous workout. Expect some additional days of peeling or ‘flaking’ time as well.

Given the step-up in treatment level, the results you are looking for will be faster in coming – and in many cases, more dramatic. This is especially true for fine wrinkling.

As with any peel, you must never pick or pull at flaking skin and must commit to sun protection at all times.

Insider tip: Level II Peels are perfect as a quarterly maintenance treatment to keep skin in top condition – schedule yours with the start of each new season.

30 Minutes | 200.00 Treatment

Advanced Peels

The Mother of all Chemical Peels produces fabulous results – hands down.

Caveat: This type of peel is not ideal for certain skin types.

Advanced peels go further in terms of depth and changes to the skin, and they’re reserved for healthy, less-sensitive, thicker skin types.

While most people believe the lighter or fairer the skin, the more sensitive it is – the opposite is actually true! Fair-skinned people with light colored eyes are the best candidates for this type of peel – while darker or ethnic (Asian, African American or Mediterranean for example) skin types are usually contraindicated due to the risk of pigmentary changes.

But be not afraid – this is a really effective treatment for the right skin type. Expect some moderate discomfort during the application, and mild swelling and moderate redness for 2-4 days afterward. Peeling will usually be heavy – and underneath it will lie beautiful, new baby-soft skin.

Insider tip: Advanced Peels require an initial consultation and a commitment from you for follow up. They are best done during the cooler months of the year in this region of the U.S.

60 Minutes | 350.00 – 1,000 by Consultation