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Vanquish™ Fat Removal in Indianapolis


Dr. Barry Eppley of the Eppley Lifestyle Spa in Indianapolis is pleased to offer Vanquish™, a non-surgical solution to stubborn belly fat. Say goodbye to your muffin top for good! Learn more here.

Say goodbye to your “muffin top” and conquer your core — with Vanquish™ RF Sculpting Treatments.

Vanquish™ is a revolutionary radiofrequency treatment designed to specifically target abdominal adipose tissue (fat), for unparalleled results. Vanquish™ treatment at the Eppley Lifestyle Spa gently heats the adipose tissue on your midsection, allowing the body to remove it naturally. It’s safe, effective, non-invasive — and ideal for both men and women who don’t want a surgical option.

Unlike Cool Sculpting and Liposonix, the Vanquish™ treatment is able to penetrate the targeted tissue more deeply, so that treatments take less time — and results can be seen faster. Vanquish™ treatments are pain-free and have very few side effects. Most people claim that their treatments feel like a moderately warm “heat treatment” on their abdomen, and the skin appears flushed for an hour or two following treatment. Supplements and special diets are not necessary for treatment — but making an effort to stay hydrated immediately before and following your Vanquish™ treatment is necessary. Our licensed aestheticians will meet privately with you during your initial consultation and explain exactly how your treatment plan will proceed.

We recommend a series of six Vanquish™ treatments; however, you may opt for a single treatment if you prefer.


Who performs the Vanquish™ treatment?

Eppley Lifestyle Spa’s team of licensed aestheticians are trained and certified to provide your treatment, and are under the direct supervision of Dr. Barry Eppley.

How does the treatment work?

First, you will have a private consultation with a member of our aesthetic team. You’ll have all of your questions answered before beginning treatment, and we will ensure you are an ideal candidate. There are certain conditions that are contraindications for Vanquish™ treatments (such as people with metal implants, pacemakers, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and people with non-healing wounds.)

Treatments take place in a quiet, private room where you will be modestly draped the entire time. Most people use the time to relax, nap or read. While the active treatment itself will take 30 minutes, plan to be at Eppley Lifestyle Spa for about an hour each time you come in. We find six treatments to be ideal.

When will I see results and how long do the results of Vanquish™ last?

For some people, results are evident within a few days of their first treatment, but for most people, the best results are revealed a few weeks after the last treatment takes place.

Vanquish™ treatments are available Monday through Saturday, and consultations are always complimentary.


Pricing for Vanquish™ RF Sculpting Treatments

Series of Six Treatments: $2,999

Individual Treatments: $600

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