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Indianapolis Massage and Spa Treatments

Integrating Eastern Ayurvedic Spa Treatments and Western Medicine

From the most basic touch therapy to our zen-like alternatives to the traditional facial, these centuries-old techniques transform the spirit and bring balance and well-being back to the body… Appointments available Monday through Saturday.


Sports Massage, Thai Yoga, Prenatal Massage

Touch is the most basic and universally understood method of healing the body – and calming the mind. Massage Therapy not only relieves pain, it can improve flexibility, increase mental focus and improve athletic performance.

Whether you’re a ‘weekend warrior”, golfer, an expectant mom preparing for birth, or just feeling the stress of a full week, massage simply delivers relief from pain and a relaxed mind.

Eppley Lifestyle Spa’s certified team of Massage Therapists practice the following techniques of bodywork:

Thai Yoga Massage (a Director’s Favorite)

Thai Yoga massage involves the therapist placing your body into therapeutic stretches, Hatha yoga positions, and rhythmic, deep-tissue compressions along the sen, or energy lines of the body. Most people describe this massage as an energizing experience that produces benefits lasting for days afterward. This massage is performed on a padded mat with both the therapist and the recipient wearing loose-fitting, light clothing; allowing full range of motion.


This massage technique is taken from Chinese medicine and is intended to increase range of motion and flexibility. It is usually combined with other forms of massage – such as sports massage – to provide the perfect combination of strokes to effect the muscles.

Before Birth

This therapy takes into consideration the aches and pains many expectant mothers feel – back pain, foot pain, and the general inability to find comfort in any position during the last stage of pregnancy. Gentle, soothing strokes and careful positioning and padding featuring the Prego Pillow relieve pressure on the lower back, and special attention is given to the legs and feet to help relieve the added stress placed upon the mother’s body. Our therapists know that by nurturing the mother, we’re able to help her prepare for delivery and the period of adjustment following birth.

Deep Muscle/Sports

These techniques are ideal for relieving muscular soreness, stiffness, and for improving athletic performance. Chronic low-back pain is also effectively treated using these deeper, more intense pressures. Your therapist will work closely with you to keep you comfortable throughout the session, and increasing your fluid intake will be recommended.

R3 – Rocks, Renewal & Relaxology

Deeply heated, smooth stones are placed at strategic areas over your body while the therapist moves smaller stones over your skin to warm and relax your muscles. At the same time, chilled stones are placed at specific pressure points on the face. The simultaneous transfer of heat and cool into the tissues provides gentle relief from pain and a deeply relaxing, organic experience like no other.

Relaxation/Swedish (simple, basic and timeless)

These session combine a variety of techniques and strokes to produce a relaxed physical and mental state. Most massage of this kind does not involve deep pressure, yet can still be helpful with mild pain. Try to be ‘present’ during the session and to clear your mind of clutter – and to focus on breathing deeply through the diaphragm.

Massage Therapy is available Monday – Saturday.

One Hour | 80.00
One and One Half Hours | 115.00
Half Hour | 50.00
R3 | 90.00
Chair Massage 10 Minutes | 18.00 (Series of 3 for 40.00)

Body Treatment

Lavender Has Your Back

Ready for the ultimate form of stress relief?

Our exclusive Lavender Has Your Back ritual features purest lavender essential oil, heated river stones, and Aveda’s Beautifying Body Scrub.

This ninety-minute treatment exfoliates your back, and takes you on a sensory journey to the sun-filled lavender fields of France at the hands of our talented licensed Massage Therapists.

Our lavender oil is steam-distilled from the flowering top of the plant, and provides calming, detoxifying and restorative effects for mind and body. Uniquely fragrant, pure lavender oil (no filler oils, and absolutely no chemical perfumes in our distillation) has been traditionally used to treat conditions as wide-ranging as stress, anxiety, headache, dry and oily skin. You’ll be in good company with this most versatile and healing of essential oils…because lavender has your back.

Ninety Minutes / 135.00