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SUPERGOOP to the Rescue!

Submitted by Eppley Lifestyle Spa on July 16, 2014 - 4:35 pm

With a name like that, it has to have some super powers, right?

Well, close. At first I wasn’t so sure. Who wants to put “GOOP” on their face!?

That didn’t sound like the elegant Ology standard that we would carry, but the products have proved me wrong. Supergoop is a super line of sunscreen. Let me tell you why…

First it’s not “goopy” at all.

It glides on the skin nicely. Feels very lightweight, not greasy or sticky- which is hard to find in a sunscreen (and probably why some individuals will not wear it). Did you know 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime?  Did you also know that more than 90% of the signs of aging are caused by the sun. Just think, by applying a nice lightweight sunscreen (with a funny name) you could reduce your chances of skin cancer and have less wrinkles, brown spots and crepey skin!

Now let me tell you some of the wonderful ingredients Supergoop is derived from…

First of all the company is cruelty free (one of my favorite social causes -NO testing on Peter Rabbit here).  It is also PARABEN, synthetic fragrance and Oxybenzone free-which many people appreciate.

More yummy ingredients – Candle bush extract (derived from vegetal leaves) prevents UV induced DNA damage and supports the natural cellular repair process. Oat Beta Glucan (derived from Oats) is a potent ingredient that activates the cell’s natural immune defense & promotes healing. It also stimulates collagen production, so it will help keep your skin firmer. Oat Beta Glucan has also been proven to deliver better long term moisturization than hyaluronic acid. Olive oil polyphenols, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and packed with powerful antioxidants, like blueberries & Vitamin C. That’s just to name a few good ingredients.

One product that caught my attention was their eye cream with SPF 37. Most eye creams lack SPF protection. There are many eye creams that help with dark circles, crow’s feet or the appearance of fine lines, but they are usually missing the SPF protection. This one has it all. You can notice a difference in fine lines, more hydration and dark circle reduction within four weeks and be protecting that delicate orbital skin at the same time.

The other Supergoop product that has been one of my fav’s  is their self-tanner.

We’ve all experienced a self-tanner, right?  Turned you orange, has a bad smell… stained your sheets!  Well not Supergoop’s. I was pleasantly surprised to notice it had a nice, light citrus scent. Now,  I will say, it is not a dark, just-off-the-beach cocoa shade, but it did provide a very nice glow after two applications. It did not have a terrible odor and the other impressive benefit, it faded naturally. I had to look very hard to determine where it was fading. My skin was not blotchy at all! I even used it on my face and with sensitive oily skin, I had no problems. Yes, Supergoop has thoroughly impressed me – a twenty year aesthetic veteran and product junkie! Even though I kind of want to giggle a little bit when I say the name.

Kimberly Ross, LE

Licensed Aesthetician – Ology Spa

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